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Dangerous Site Deletion Vulnerability in Hashthemes Plugin - Oct 26, 2021

October 28, 2021

n August 25, 2021, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team initiated the disclosure process for a vulnerability in Hashthemes Demo Importer, a WordPress plugin with over 7,000 installations.

This vulnerability allowed any authenticated user to completely reset a site, permanently deleting nearly all database content as well as all uploaded media.

As wordfence team did not receive a response from the developer for nearly a month, they contacted the WordPress plugins team with wordfence disclosure on September 20, 2021. The plugin was temporarily removed from the repository the same day, and a patched version, 1.1.2, was made available on September 24, 2021, though it was not mentioned in the developer changelog.

Wordfence Premium customers received a firewall rule protecting against this vulnerability on August 25, 2021. Sites running the free version of Wordfence received the same rule 30 days later, on September 24, 2021.

Description: Improper Access Control allowing content deletion

Affected Plugin: Hashthemes Demo Importer

Plugin Slug: hashthemes-demo-importer

Plugin Vendor: Hashthemes

Affected Versions: <= 1.1.1

CVE ID: CVE-2021-39333

CVSS Score: 8.1(High)


Researcher/s: Ramuel Gall

The Hashthemes demo importer plugin failed to perform capability checks for many of its AJAX actions. While it did perform a nonce check, the AJAX nonce was visible in the admin dashboard for all users, including low-privileged users such as subscribers. The most severe consequence of this was that a subscriber-level user could reset all of the content on a given site.

Any logged-in user could trigger the hdi_install_demo AJAX function and provide a reset parameter set to true, resulting in the plugin running it’s database_reset function. This function wiped the database by truncating every database table on the site except for wp_optionswp_users, and wp_usermeta. Once the database was wiped, the plugin would then run its clear_uploads function, which deleted every file and folder in wp-content/uploads.


In today’s post, we discussed a vulnerability in HashThemes Demo Importer that allowed any logged-in user to completely and permanently destroy all of the content on a website.

We’ve discussed the importance of backups in the past, and this vulnerability serves as an important reminder of how critical backups are to your site’s security. While most vulnerabilities can have destructive effects, it would be impossible to recover a site where this vulnerability was exploited unless it had been backed up.

If you know a friend or colleague who is using this plugin on their site, please forward this advisory to them to help keep their sites protected as this vulnerability can lead to complete loss of site content.

Source from: Wordfence Threat Intelligence

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